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Nintendo Still Hates Pirates

posted Sunday May 16, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Nintendo Still Hates Pirates

Nintendo, makers of every family-friendly mini-game collection ever, has been battling pirates for years. In 2007, they petitioned the Hong Kong High Court to help them stop came copier devices. Apparently this petition didn't do the trick because they have ramped up the process.

This week the filed suit against a company that owns and operates several websites that "sell illegal video game copiers." The company, NXPGAME, has been under investigation by Nintendo for quite some time. The investigation found that the sites were enabling users to download, play and distribute illegal DS and DSi games.

Nintendo says that this lawsuit was not their first choice. They tried contacting the company through letters and phone calls asking the company to cease their operations. According to a Nintendo spokesperson,

Shortly thereafter, the owner launched an identical business at a different website address, and redirected people who visited his old site to the new one to purchase illegal game copiers. Using game copiers to play unauthorized downloaded games is illegal and it's wrong. Piracy is especially harmful to smaller developers. When their creative works are stolen and copied illegally, some companies find it difficult to survive economically.


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