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Hacking Ain't a Kids Job Any Longer

posted Sunday May 16, 2010 by Kyria Gianos

Hacking Ain't a Kids Job Any Longer

Facebook hackers be aware! A new feature will be implemented on Facebook to prevent hackers from entering your account. Pretty soon users will only be permitted to access their profile from "approved" computers and handheld devices (mobile phones and iTouch.) With over 400 million "Facebooker's" across the world, the site felt that security needed to be heightened a bit.

If a user attempts to access your account from an "unapproved" device, a email or text message will be sent immediately to the user in hopes of preventing the hack. Of course this may be a hassle at first when trying to access your account from another computer, but to use a new computer you'll simply have to answer a security question.

This may seem a bit extreme, after all it is just a social networking site, but Lev Popov, a Facebook software engineer stated, "We're confident that these new tools and systems will do a lot to prevent unauthorized logins and the nuisance they can cause."

Privacy concerns have been a big issue with many Facebook users in the past, but the site intends to rid those worries and of course, bring in more users. Will the change reassure Facebook users that their information is safe, or will it make it more hassle than it's worth?


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