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Adobe Sarcasm 10.1 Now Available On Apple's Audacity

posted Saturday May 15, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Adobe Sarcasm 10.1 Now Available On Apple's Audacity

A few weeks ago we talked about Apple being hardcore anti-Flash and the unusual relationship forming with Microsoft Silverlight but Adobe isn't going to take it sitting down after Apple stated last month that developers have to use programming tools based on open standards and not proprietary technology such as Flash. Just two weeks prior to this Steve Jobs released a public letter with 6 reasons why Apple chose not to use flash. The main points focus on supposed technical drawbacks and lack of common interests between the 2 companies. Adobe has responded by taking out advertisements in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, among other newspapers and websites. The "Adobe Loves Apple" campaign can be summed up in a single quote by Adobe founders,

In the end, we believe the question is really this: Who controls the World Wide Web? "And we believe the answer is: nobody -- and everybody, but certainly not a single company.

David Wadhwaini, the general manager and vice president of Adobe's Platform Business Unit said,

It's a dangerous precedent to have a single company picking and choosing what parts of the Web they want to support.

Adobe has filed a complaint with U.S. antitrust enforcers pleading their case that Apple is stifling completion by not allowing developers to use Flash when creating Apps for the iPhone and iPad. To put it in perspective, Flash runs on more than 800 million mobile phones made by the top 20 handset makes except Apple.


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