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Halo 2 - The Battle Continues

posted Sunday Apr 25, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Halo 2 - The Battle Continues

As you know, Microsoft shut down the Original Live service on April 15th, much to the dismay of all Halo 2 players. Well, I can't say ALL players, as some have kept the battle alive. How have they done this with the service shut down? Simple - don't turn off your console or exit the game... EVER!

As of Friday there were 27 unbelievably dedicated players still online, which is impressive considering that the system had been down for 8 days, with no power cycles, console failures or Internet glitches for any of them. As of today the number has shrunk significantly, and among the fallen is one of the broadcasters of their screen, known to Justin.tv as fraggedears. Among the other players and streamers are mrtankjump and xxbookerxx. As of the last known update, xxbookerxx was the only broadcaster still connected.

While I may not understand these players' obsession with the game, I do admire their dedication to keep alive this legendary title for as long as they can. We wish the final 17, now called The Legendary Few, good luck in their endeavors and hope they can find happiness after Halo 2's inevitable exit from Xbox Live.


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