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Apple iPad Finally a Grown-Up Device?

posted Sunday Apr 18, 2010 by Kyria Gianos

Apple iPad Finally a Grown-Up Device?

Looks like there may be a way for iPad users to finally use flash! Although most grown-up devices already support Adobe Flash like the Palm Pre, we all know the iPad does not. Well, they have discovered a way around it. By using a Personal Network Computing (PNC) Application, you can use a computer that does support flash and link it to you iPad.

One of the most popular PNC Apps in the iTunes store is Desktop Connect. Downloading the App will only cost you $12.99, and allow you to connect your iPad with your Flash supported computer if they use the same network. If they do not, you will be able to manually configure the network.

There are some downsides with this method though. Of course, there will be lag since you are running through another computer. Also, the zoom is limited and the biggest downside, no audio. This is a cool thing for iPad users, but purchasing a device that already supports Flash is probably the better option.


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