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Cliff Bleszinski Cancels on Fallon, Doesn't Inform Microsoft

posted Saturday Apr 10, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Cliff Bleszinski Cancels on Fallon, Doesn't Inform Microsoft

Thursday night Cliff Bleszinski, AKA Cliffy B, was scheduled to appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Unfortunately the appearance was canceled late on Thursday and he was replaced by Justin Bieber. Don't worry, though, because the appearance has been rescheduled for Monday night. Fallon's executive producer explain it like this:

To all of my gaming peeps: Due to a scheduling conflict, @therealcliffyb's appearance has been moved to Monday. Same awesome dude, new day!

Bleszinski explained it a little differently:

As much as I'd like to start a fight with @justinbieber the truth of the matter is that we wanted to take a couple more days to polish what we're showing. Sorry all, appreciate your patience! Unfortunately, 11th hour decisions do happen in entertainment. (You'll like what you see.).

In hindsight I should have used this to cause a pop culture flame war between 12 year old girls and gamers.

Obviously we can all read between the lines here - Gears of War 3 announcement is forthcoming, but the demo wasn't quite ready to show of yet. Well, no one told Microsoft that the appearance was canceled, and for a few minutes on Xbox Live, the above announcement was posted for everyone to see. Oops.

Obviously we know nothing about the new game yet, as it hasn't even been officially announced, but as information surfaces you can be sure we'll be all over it.


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