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New Silent Hill Coming Soon

posted Saturday Apr 10, 2010 by Scott Ertz

New Silent Hill Coming Soon

Konami made an interesting and completely detail-less announcement at its recent gamer day event. Showing a teaser, a man stumbles through a foggy street and is attacked by a huge, unidentified creature. The video was in the traditional Silent Hill style, very colorless and very depressed, always amplifying the fear that is so prevalent in the Silent Hill series.

At the end of the trailer the card said, "The Silence Ends at E3." Looks like we'll have to wait until then before we get any real information about the new game. However, in Germany, a Konami spokesperson promised the new title will be available on "next gen consoles." Presumably this means that it will not be a Wii title, but a PS3 and 360 title instead.

I have always been a fan of the series. Like any long-running series, though, we know there has been some garbage, but overall I think Silent Hill still stands up as one of the better game franchises. What do you guys think? Are you ready for another Silent Hill title? Let us know below in the comments section.


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