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iPhone 3GS - The S Stands for Suck - NOT

posted Thursday Apr 8, 2010 by Scott Ertz

iPhone 3GS - The S Stands for Suck - NOT

This week has brought a lot of revelations for the Apple world. We'll start with what we learned from the iPad launch - 2 new iPhones coming soon. Someone with too much time on their hands went searching through the iPad firmware and discovered a series of new hardware models. iPhone3,2, iPhone3,3, iPod4,1 and iProd2,1. A new iPod Touch is not unexpected, especially with one of the next announcements we will discuss and an upgrade to the iPad is not surprising as Apple never keeps their first model anything on the market too long. The double iPhones, however, is a bit more of a surprise. We would definitely expect to hear about a new model soon, but 2 new models indicates to me that we will see AT&T's exclusivity ending soon, and a new CDMA version could be around the corner. I have heard rumors from an Apple employee that there is a CDMA device in the works, but it wasn't expected to carry the iPhone branding.

The next major reveal came from Steve Jobs himself and it is one that has me feeling like I am in Crazyville. Apple's iPhone OS 4.0, which is due out this summer for everyone except iPad owners, will be adding multi-tasking. Nick had made mention of rumors about the addition of multi-tasking several weeks ago, but I don't think any of us actually expected it to happen. Jobs has spoken openly about his feelings that multi-tasking would do nothing but damage the image of the iPhone and a few weeks ago Microsoft announced that WinPho 7 would not include multi-tasking, leaving very little chance for it on the iPhone, yet here we are. The only iPhone 3GS and most recent iPod Touch will be able to take advantage of multi-tasking.

After the iPhone OS 4.0 announcement, the SDK for developing apps was released, and once again, someone with too much time on their hands discovered some controls for hardware that is not available. Most notably is a flash control, which is one of the last complaints about the iPhone that has remained unaddressed. In addition to the iPhone3,2 and 3,3, I would imagine this is one of the hardware enhancements we will see on the iPod4,1 and possibly even the iProd2,1. With the addition of copy/paste last time multi-tasking and flash coming soon, all they need to do it add Flash and the iPhone platform could actually become a true force to be reckoned with on all fronts.

If you would like to see the iPhone OS 4.0 announcement press conference, I have included it in the link below.


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