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Bungie.net Upgrades

posted Tuesday Nov 13, 2007 by Scott Ertz

Bungie.net Upgrades

Playing Halo 3 without visiting Bungie.net is like peanut butter without jelly: it just doesn't make sense.

So, we know you'll all be excited to know about some new improvements that have been added to the website. First is heatmaps, which is a map showing where people get killed. You can get a personal or a global heatmap, so you can know where YOU get killed, or where everyone does. Also, what they are calling Bungie's Favorites, which is a way to only see good videos and not the crappy ones that fill a good portion of the site.

We are most excited about the heatmaps. We think that is a really cool, and informative feature. More than where people get killed, it shows where they don't, so you can check out some new areas of the maps. Enjoy.


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