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A DC Legend Dies

posted Saturday Mar 27, 2010 by Scott Ertz

A DC Legend Dies

This morning, Dick Giordano passed away at the age of 77. Mr. Giordano has had a long, distinguished career including time with Marvel, DC, Dell, Valiant and others. In addition to being a talented artist and all-around good guy, Giordano also held Executive-level positions in several art companies.

He spent time as the Executive Editorial Director for DC Comics as well as forming Future Entertainment, a multimedia company, with his creative partners Bob Layton and David Michelinie. He also helped setup two ad-art companies, Continuity Associates and Dik-Art, Inc., which he continued to manage until the end.

While at the helm of DC Comics, he helped to launch such revolutionary concepts as Alan Moore's Watchmen, Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns. He also spent time working on Batman: Dark Knight of the Roundtable and Batman: Hollywood Knight.

A former colleague of his, former DC President Paul Levitz, had a lot to say about Giordano's career, and said it better than I could, so I will end with this:

Dick Giordano was a teacher (we have a generation of talented inkers whose hands he literally held as they learned their craft), a leader (it is no coincidence that one of DC's finest creative periods came during his time at the head of editorial, and Charlton's only noteworthy period likewise), and a quiet crusader (helping found ACBA, working with the Hero Initiative, and so much more).

His firmest belief was that if you create the right atmosphere, people will find their way to their creativity...and he proved it, again and again. His most foolish belief was that he wasn't an artist, merely a craftsman.

Dick was a gentleman, an artist with an eye for all that's beautiful in the world, and a consummate professional. But most of all I miss the dear friend who encouraged me, debated with me, and from the early moments of every day before dawn to when he slept, loved comics and made them a better place to be.


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