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Edward Norton as Hulk is in YOUR Hands

posted Sunday Mar 21, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Edward Norton as Hulk is in YOUR Hands

In addition to Captain America news, we had an interesting week for Hulk. After the off-camera drama that occurred around the production of The Incredible Hulk between Edward Norton and the studio, it was predicted that we would not see Norton in the role of Bruce Banner again. This, of course, causes some issues for The Avengers seeing as Hulk is sort of their rallying force.

Luckily, Hulk himself is CGI, leaving the ability to banish Banner to the same depths of Hell as the Fantastic Four, but it does pose a problem for them once Hulk becomes a part of the team and Banner is needed once again. Or what if his existence is so well received they decide to do another Hulk exclusive movie, bringing in The Leader for his full performance after his cameo in the last film. A departure from Norton as Banner would make for a continuity issue across the Marvel Film Universe.

Though Edward Norton has been asked time and again what he would say is asked to participate again, his answer never seems to be the same. Sometimes he suggests they would have to knock over Fork Knox to pay him and other times he is more excited about the opportunity. At SXSW, in a non-Hulk interview with Drew McWeeny of HitFix, the answer was a little different.

"It's really up to you guys," he told me at one point, and by "you guys," he was referring to fans and the fan press in particular. "Is it important to you? Does that continuity matter?"

So, there you have it, folks. He wants to know if it is important. To me it is because a change of actors in the middle of a franchise would be hard to take. It isn't the old days and this isn't Bewitched. But, it isn't just about me. Do you guys think you could handle Hulk being played by someone else after Norton was so successful in the role? Let us know in the comments section.


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