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Nintendo Breaks a New Record...Their Own

posted Sunday Mar 14, 2010 by Kyria Gianos

Nintendo Breaks a New Record...Their Own

February didn't look too bad for Nintendo according to a recent NPD report. Although Nintendo wasn't sure if the numbers we're good (yes, we went there), the 1.9 million combined DS handheld and Wii consoles sold through February was impressive, to say the least.

Not only did Nintendo hold its own in console sales, but they also broke their own record! Compared to February of last year, Nintendo's all time high for DS sales, 597,000 units sold was nothing. This year in February alone, 613,000 DS handheld consoles were sold, a big increase from last year. This is surprising considering the DSi XL is set to be released in a few weeks. But, with this upcoming release, Nintendo hopes to break their record once again. Looks like the console, which has now been out for six years, is running strong.


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