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Google 's DocVerse Takes On Microsoft Office

posted Saturday Mar 6, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Google 's DocVerse Takes On Microsoft Office

DocVerse is the latest company or victim in the recent Google acquisition. The details of the acquisition are not known however according to unnamed sources in an article from AllThingsDigital blog the final sale my between 25 and 30 million. This is by far not a large amount for Google to spend on acquisition but they fell in love with them and see DocVerse as an exciting and important component in competing with software giant Microsoft. Last Friday Google announced the news on their company blog.

DocVerse is a small company of 20 employees that was founded back in 2007 by former Microsoft mangers. Google also has Google Docs which they use to try and convert loyal Microsoft Office users away from but with DocVerse Google seemingly intends to create a more formal office program that uses both PC and cloud computing to the user's advantage. Microsoft stated in an e-mail that,

Google's acquisition of DocVerse acknowledges that customers want to use and collaborate with Microsoft Office documents. Furthermore, it reinforces that customers are embracing Microsoft's long-state strategy of software plus services, which combines rich client software with cloud services.

Microsoft is probably right. Mostly because of Chrome OS which Google is expected to roll out the second half of this year. The OS is more intended to be a light, web based OS for heavy web users but having DocVerse, which would take advantage of the cloud and the Netbook like computers that will be running this only makes sense and will probably help Google take on Microsoft Office which is part of Microsoft's business division, the most profitable with 12 billion in profit last year.


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