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The Buzz Continues

posted Sunday Feb 28, 2010 by Kyria Gianos

The Buzz Continues

Everyone is buzzing about Google Buzz, just not in a positive way. Not too many Gmail users were thrilled to see that Google had automatically signed them up for and linked them with other Buzz users, but that was just the beginning.

Users were curious about the new social networking service but lost interest when linked with people automatically. Google claims that they plan to fix the auto-follow feature by using a suggestion box to add new friends, sound familiar?

Yes, anyone who uses Facebook has experienced this. Another big issue was finding the checkbox to make information private, something that should be pretty easy to find. Although Google only displayed content that was public already, like Picasa albums and documents in Google Reader, many were unaware of this so Google has decided not to link your profile with either of those applications automatically.

The best part of the fix is that you can now hide Buzz in your Gmail account and even disable it! Thank Goodness! I know I'm tired of looking at it every time I sign in to check my email. Google may have had good intentions, trying to incorporate your email with a social networking service, but they obviously did not implement the service in the most effective way. Their hopes to surpass Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites with Buzz may be a bit out of reach.


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