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Lonely? Talk to a Stranger

posted Sunday Feb 28, 2010 by Kyria Gianos

Lonely? Talk to a Stranger

As if trying to keep yourself and your children safe on the Internet wasn't difficult enough already, a new website known as Chatroulette takes risky to a whole new level. The chatroom allows you to hook up with complete strangers, communicating via text AND webcam. Once you get tired of talking to your new "friend," just click and begin a new conversation with another random stranger.

The site is completely unpredictable, you never know what may pop up in the little webcam box. Some users partake in the chatroom just for some entertainment, like a French man who has been known to wear a jester's hat and tell jokes in his native language, but there is always the possibility of partially to completely naked people appearing on the screen.

This seems like the perfect site for predators, with 35,000 people on the site at any one time. This website may seem like something to avoid, but users just love the thrill of meeting new people and the mystery of the content that will appear on the page, the possibilities are truly endless (not in a good way.) It's a mix of Facebook, Skype, and just plain randomness. Some users have said that the thrill is similar to that of gambling, and although some think Chatroulette will bring the world closer together, in reality, it will most likely increase the number of sexual predators.

As of now, the only rules for the site are: the user must be 16 years old and no pornography is allowed, but it's obvious these rules aren't being enforced. The most shocking aspect of this website is that it was created by a 17 year old high school student in Russia. He is too young to legally view the content appearing on the site, yet he runs it. How ironic!


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