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When Our Powers Combine...

posted Saturday Feb 27, 2010 by Scott Ertz

When Our Powers Combine...

Last July I told you about Inspired Media Entertainment launching a Christian gaming portal. Well, the road to Damascus has been a little longer and harder than they thought, because since then their public name has changed to Left Behind Games and they have now merged with Digital Praise, creators of the rhythm games Guitar Praise and Dance Praise. I bet you can guess what type of company they are. Troy Lyndon, CEO of Left Behind Games, described it like this:

Digital Praise has the four key ingredients that will take our company to the next level. Those keys are: (1) strong brands and products, (2) multi-channeled distribution, (3) a solid management team and (4) a history of generating millions of dollars in the emerging Christian video game market, a feat no company has matched.

Tom Bean, CEO of Digital Praise, said, "This merger gives us access to capital that we anticipate will enable us to produce far more new innovative games than we could hope to develop as a privately held company."

Now, reading between the lines, I hear Digital Praise sells a lot of games and squanders the money, and Left Behind Games doesn't have any sales but has a lot of cash. Certainly an interesting business situation to be in. We're not sure what the new company will be called or if they will retain both brand names, but we do know wherever their corporate offices are, there will always be a ray of sunlight shining on them.


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