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iPad - Love It or Hate It?

posted Sunday Jan 31, 2010 by Scott Ertz

iPad - Love It or Hate It?

Since Apple finally announced the iPad (or TamPod as Colbert called it), everyone in every industry has had to make a statement. The reviews are, well, mixed, but so it the industry. If you are an iPhone app developer, you probably liked the processing power and big screen. If you are in the mainstream gaming community, you probably hate it because of its potetial threat.

Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, said to The New York Times "it was a bigger iPod Touch." What Iwata seems to have forgotten is that Nintendo made a big deal over the DSi, which is just a bigger DS. On the other hand, he did also say that 3D games were also no realistic because the glasses would make people think you were crazy. This sttement probably has little or nothing to do with the fact that the Wii platform cannot render true 3D graphics. Seems like Nintendo and Apple are more alike than we realised.

On the flip side, David Papazian of Mibigame, creators of puzzle game Edge for the iPhone seems pretty stoked about the new hardware. He said in a statement,

We will definitively support Apple's new baby, we are working on a very innovative sci-fi 3D game that will take advantage from the iPad's big screen. An HD version of Cross Fingers will follow soon, and maybe EDGE HD too if EA succeed to release Mirror's Edge for the iPhone, but that's another story!

Many other developers have echoed Papazian's sentiments, including David Whatley of Critical Thought Games (GeoDefense), Harvey Smith of Arkane Studios (Karma Star) and Randy Smith of Tiger Style (Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor).

This is all first week speculation, however. We will see how the developers like the platform after they get their hands on it for real.


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