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Clever JavaScript Flashes the iPhone

posted Saturday Jan 16, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Clever JavaScript Flashes the iPhone

iPhone users, in this article you are presented with a ray of hope that one day your "internet" phone might be bestowed with the ability to use flash and of course it won't be brought to you by Apple. Tobias Schneider has created a JavaScript hack called Gordon that will allow iPhone users to view flash (.swf) files inside a nifty little runtime (software that allows code to be run inside it) that in tern works with the Safari browser. Since the runtime uses Safari and is not an app it isn't subject to the arbitrary Apple approval process which is good or you would never get to use it. There are some problems however. This hack takes up a lot of the CPU and doesn't technically allow the iPhone to run Flash. This means that you would have to apply the hack to every instance of flash on a website.

Gordon is an open source project so I urge those interested to check it out and help bring some much needed flash deprivation relief to iPhone users who want to use the other 80% of the internet. Don't forget to check out Gordon in action using your Safari and Safari Mobile browsers.


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