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Facebook to the Rescue

posted Saturday Jan 16, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Facebook to the Rescue

Facebook is a great place to find old friends, connect with new friends and even help support causes. And now, it is the premiere location for trying to get out of a well-deserved punishment. Tess Chapin, a 15-year-old sophomore in Queens New York, was recently punished for what she considers "a MISTAKE that i didnt fully know the outcome of." Her response? Create a Facebook group - 1000 to get tess ungrounded.

Welcome to the new age of social networking - using your friends (and total strangers) to try and reverse a punishment from your parents. I know when I was her age, not only would my parents not have cared if I got 1000 people to support the movement, but I wouldn't have even had access to the Internet to start the movement. The fact that Tess does indicates that her 5-week "groundation" will not be all that punishing.

After viewing the Facebook page, it is interesting to see what it has become. The Wall is being used as a debate ground between supports and opposers. Some is just standard Internet flaming, but there are several threads of intelligent debate. One such thread is between Lowell Kern, the adult, and Kyle McCormick, the teenager.

What do you guys think? Is going to the Internet with this issue and making it public helping or hurting her cause? Let us know in the comments section below.


What You're Saying

posted Saturday Jan 16, 2010 by hiimcody1

This is why children dont deserve access to facebook and the like... grow up and take it like an adult...

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