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Xbox Live Game Room

posted Thursday Jan 7, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Xbox Live Game Room

Earlier today, a video was leaked showing off a service called Game Room. We kind of thought it could be fake, but it seemed too likely. Microsoft made our day by confirming the Game Room for both Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live.

Game Room is an 80s style digital arcade for your avatar to play around in. It will be somewhere between PlayStation Home and the old Xbox Live Marketplace. At launch there will be 30 classic games from top developers, such as Atari and Konami, and within 3 years we are expected to see more than 1,000 games available through this service.

The most exciting part of Game Room is that purchasing a game on one platform will give you access to that game on both - there will be no need to purchase the game twice. Of course, like all Xbox titles, we will have achievements and leaderboards, so you know how much better you are than your online "friends."


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