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PlayStation Network for PC

posted Thursday Jan 7, 2010 by Scott Ertz

PlayStation Network for PC

We have been talking about the PlayStation Network a lot lately. Sony has to do something to start making money before they bust their brand. One way they plan to solve this problem is through an initiative they announced in July of 2009 and gave us a lot more information about this afternoon at CES 2010 - bringing the PSN to other Sony devices, including Vaio computers, Bravia televisions and possibly Ericsson phones.

This will give users the ability to access Sony's collection of movies, TV shows and exclusive content available on the PSN on any of these devices. They will also be implementing a digital wallet (similar to your Windows Live ID) to allow you to carry your content with you without the need to sync devices manually.

Considering we heard this announcement originally 6 months ago and still have seen nothing physical, I will believe the hype when I see it (remember PlayStation Home). If we see any more developments this week, we will let you know.


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