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Pirates on the Rise

posted Sunday Jan 3, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Pirates on the Rise

2009 was a good year for pirates, which means a bad year for software developers. This year's top pirated game was Modern Warfare 2, pulling down a whopping 4.1 million PC and 907 thousand 360 downloads. Of course, it would be unfair of us to include the Wii in this count, so the most pirated Wii game of 2009 was Super Mario Bros. Wii.

How good of a year is that you ask? Well, this year's numbers are more than double what 2008 showed. Plus you have to take into consideration that both of these games came out near the very end of the year. Imagine if they had had more than 3 months to be downloaded.

My fear here is that, with game pirating on the rise, legit game budgets will be cut significantly, meaning more games will be garbage. This could be the biggest problem to face gaming in many years.


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