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Comcast Plans To Screw Consumers More, Where's The Romance?

posted Saturday Dec 26, 2009 by Jon Wurm

Comcast Plans To Screw Consumers More, Where's The Romance?

Comcast has been tied up in a lawsuit since 2007 when they were caught throttling peer-to-peer traffic throughout it's network (opps). Fast forward two years later and things still aren't settled but Comcast has agreed to shell out up to a cool $16 million which is about but not more than $16 per share to customers in Pennsylvania to make this lawsuit go away and not incur anymore legal fees. Of course by doing so Comcast is not admitting to any wrong doing whatsoever. Thankfully, the FCC thinks otherwise as it has found Comcast's throttling of BitTorrent traffic to be against the law as well. This also marks the first time that a broadband provider has violated Net neutrality rules (more opps). The FCC now requires that they not do any of that anymore and must disclose their methods of network regulation to customers.

You might think things are going swimmingly for Comcast customers but you'd be wrong. Even though they ended BitTorrent traffic throttling last March they have a new plan to control the internet service given to customers they decide are using a little too much internet. This should raise a giant red flag that is on fire and screaming bloody murder in your head, especially given their lack of discretion in the past. I wish I was being over dramatic here but nothing good will come of this. Mainly because Comcast is Comcast and because no matter what arbitrary method they use to determine who is abusing their internet service it will still make the iPhone app approval process look like the scientific method. Then there is the issue of what happens if your internet is capped. Since you pay for a certain amount of bandwidth per month so long as you do not exceed that limit within that time frame can they cap your internet and if they do can you be expecting a credit to your bill for the unused bandwidth? Of course not, they haven't done anything wrong (sarcasm implied). We will be keeping an eye on this as it progresses but if any of you Comcast customers want to put your two cents in, be my guest.


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