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It'll Be A Blu Christmas Without You

posted Wednesday Dec 23, 2009 by Jon Wurm

It'll Be A Blu Christmas Without You

It's been a while since we have mentioned Blu-Ray around here but I'm glad to bring it back with promising news from this year and positive speculation moving into 2010. It was a struggle from the beginning with high initial prices circling $1,000 and a format war with HD DVD but 3.5 years later things are anything but blue for Blu-Ray. Over the Black Friday week sales for the standard and new wave Blu-Ray players were up 53% according to NDP Group Inc., an independent market research company.

Predictions from 2008 estimated the industry to distribute 9 million players in 2009 alone. That is a 54% increase over the previous year. Coming into 2010 things still look promising as prices are at an all time low for standard players, bottoming out at $80 and the new wave of players with Netflix and Roxio CinemaNow capabilities starting at $130. Studios are pumping out more Blu-Ray movies as well remaking many older films and producing new content.

Around 2 years ago when Blu-Ray started to gain acceptance over DVDs there was still some uncertainty as to how a disc based player would fare against increasingly popular internet based movie services. In the short term that future looks bright as the industry has covered it's bases by absorbing it's weaknesses. So for now Blu-Ray enjoy your success because I have a feeling your competition with internet based media isn't over.


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