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Google Wants Some Yelp

posted Saturday Dec 19, 2009 by Jon Wurm

Google Wants Some Yelp

Google is rumored to be preparing for round 2 with the hyperlocal web as it sets its cross hairs on Yelp. At a meager 500 million it certainly seems possible that Google could finally buy it's way into the hyperlocal web after the failed acquisition of Digg a couple of years ago. Sites like Digg and Yelp are considered hyper local because they are heavily dependent on outside participation to remain successful which has stirred up a variety of emotions for the few Yelpers that actually seem to care.

Those who don't seem to mind being assimilated into the Google Collective expressed interest in seeing some Google branded innovation come to the site. One Yelper even said, "So long as it's not Rupert Murdoch buying it." On the other hand, some other elite Yelpers expressed dissatisfaction that no emotocon could properly convey.

Anyone ever look at the comments on YouTube videos? That is what is gonna happen here.

Yelp is big because of us. Let's demand money or delete our accounts en masse.

There seems to be concern about quality control and what Google would change. Even if the acquisition were to happen Google would most likely end up changing the users of Yelp more than anything else. Communities like this are very vocal and much civil unrest can be expected at first but the real question is when the dust settles who will be left?


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