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Apple's XR ambitions may be over as shipments cut for Vision Pro

posted Saturday Apr 27, 2024 by Scott Ertz

When Apple announced its ambitious Vision Pro headset, reactions were mixed, to say the least. Apple envisioned people using the product similarly to an iPhone, wearing these dystopian isolation headsets all day Potential users, on the other hand, saw them as an occasional toy. Because of that disparity, it appears that Apple had ordered too many devices for the demand, and that is being corrected.

What is the Apple Vision Pro?

The Apple Vision Pro is a wearable device developed by Apple that pushes the boundaries of traditional technology. Designed to seamlessly integrate into users' lives, this semi-compact device offers a host of features - some of which are new, and some have been on comparable hardware for years.

The Apple Vision Pro has a semi-novel approach to app interaction. Users can arrange apps on an "infinite canvas," scaling them to their preferred size. This unique feature allows for multitasking while staying aware of the surroundings. Additionally, the device wirelessly connects to Mac workflows through Mac Virtual Display, enhancing productivity for professionals and creatives alike.

As a personal entertainment hub, the Vision Pro tries to transform movies, shows, and games into an immersive experience. Its expansive display and Spatial Audio create a virtual theater. Notably, the Vision Pro houses Apple's first 3D camera, enabling users to capture spatial photos and videos. Whether reliving cherished memories or exploring new vistas, this device bridges technology and emotion.

The public reaction to Vision Pro

Since the release of the Apple Vision Pro last week, public reaction has been a fascinating blend of awe, curiosity, and skepticism. The device has ignited conversations across tech circles and beyond. Although not the first headset to employ mixed reality (XR) technology, the Vision Pro stands out with its futuristic design and unique take on XR features.

As people encountered the Vision Pro in real-world scenarios, their initial responses ranged from wide-eyed wonder to cautious intrigue. The internet buzzed with memes, jokes, and tough choices - like deciding between buying a car or this $3,500 headset. Whether it's a game-changer or a niche luxury, the Vision Pro has undeniably sparked conversations about the future of wearable tech.

Overall, while Apple had hoped that people would be engaged by the device, the overall sentiment has been one of apathy. While people find the concept to be intriguing, most do not find it to be something for long-term or regular usage. This puts the device in the same category as a Meta Quest, while the price is around 10 times that of the Quest.

The future of Vision Pro

The ambitious nature of Apple seems to have faded, as the company has reportedly lowered its shipments for the future. What was once the company's future of computing seems to be on its way to the same fate as the Microsoft HoloLens or even Apple's own Newton. In 5 years, we will likely be discussing the Vision Pro as one of Apple's 10 biggest device failures. But, for now, the company continues to march forward, albeit far slower than before.


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