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Robot Cache, a unique digital game store, is exiting beta soon

posted Sunday Jul 9, 2023 by Scott Ertz

The history of video games is one of owning the game forever or until you decide to sell it. This was possible because games came on physical media. But, the switch from physical media to digital distribution as the primary method has rendered this reality almost impossible. That is until now, with the impending release of Robot Cache out of beta and into the public limelight.

The problem with digital distribution

Digital distribution has made gaming a lot easier. You can buy games through a marketplace like Steam and begin downloading them immediately. This works the same way on modern consoles, with digital distribution being the common way to buy games, as well. In some cases, you can even start playing your games before they are fully downloaded.

But, digital distribution has created a major issue - no resale. This issue was one of the biggest complaints about the launch of the last console generation. Customers panicked about the Xbox One and PlayStation 4's reliance on digital games. In the older world, you could easily buy and sell used games. You could play a game and, when you were done with it, you could give the physical item to someone else, either as a gift or a sale. This was because of physical media such as cartridges, CDs, DVDs, or Blu-Ray discs.

With digital distribution, that isn't possible. Whether you buy a game from the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, Steam, or the Nintendo eShop, it is tied to your account. You cannot give it away or resell it. This has been a real issue for many gamers and could explain why digital sales take longer to pick up on new console generations than in the past. It also means that many gamers may be hesitant to buy digital games as they can't get money back for them when they are done.

Robot Cache to the rescue

Fortunately, Robot Cache is a new digital storefront that is looking to fix this paradigm. The system is coming out of Beta after 3 years and promises customers the ability to buy and sell used games as well as new games. This gives gamers the ability to get back some of the value of their games, but it also helps support the studios that produced those games.

The platform is built on blockchain technology, allowing for the full tracing of the ownership of a game and the easy transfer of ownership from one user to another. Gamers can purchase their games through cash or using the platform's cryptocurrency, Iron. Iron can be earned by selling games, but also comes form on-platform challenges and gaming.

Speaking of selling games, the revenue generated by selling games is split between 3 parties: 70% goes to the developer, 25% goes to the game owner, and 5% goes to the platform. This revenue split makes it valuable for everyone to participate in the platform, giving publishers a reason to support it while giving gamers a way to recoup some of their cost when they're done with the game.

To incentivize people to sign up for the platform, Robot Cache is giving away Wasteland 3 for free. Sign up and grab your free game now.


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