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PSPgo Might Already Be Dead?

posted Saturday Dec 5, 2009 by Scott Ertz

PSPgo Might Already Be Dead?

Sometimes I wonder if Sony does the things they do just to give us something to talk about. At E3, they got us all excited about the PSPgo, which was supposed to be the next major evolution of the franchise. The concerning feature, however, was the lack of UMD support, meaning everything was download-based. This left a major question about pricing and distribution channels. Well, that question has been answered and we still don't like it.

The more we go looking, the more we are realizing that it is much cheaper to own a regular PSP and purchase games on UMD. This fact has not escaped the notice of Jon Burton, founder of Traveller's Tales. In a statement, he said,

"I own a PSPgo but don't want to buy LittleBigPlanet, for instance, as I can get it 20 percent cheaper on UMD from Amazon and could resell it once I'm finished with it. But if I download it, I get no discount, and no chance to resell - how annoying is that?"

Well, sir, the answer to that question is pretty easy - VERY annoying. And stupid. Why the hell would a product that has no packaging, media or shipping costs run you more than the regular packaged product? Well, clearly it is because Sony does not understand how this stuff works. They have displayed a complete lack of understanding about technology in the past, and this is just another example.

Hopefully, for the gamers' sake, Sony will get their act together and drop these prices, or we might see the financial end of the PSP brand. This is just my opinion, of course. What do you guys think? Should Sony drop the price of the digital games or should they drop the PSPgo before before the loss kills them?


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