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Silver Surfer: Dead or Alive?

posted Saturday Nov 28, 2009 by Scott Ertz

Silver Surfer: Dead or Alive?

For a long time we have heard talk about a solo Silver Surfer film. After the second Fantastic Four did so terribly, the fate of the solo film was in question. Luckily J. Michael Straczynski, co-writer of the film's script, gave us some information.

"What happened was when Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer didn't do as well as they hoped it would do, it caused them to call into question a Silver Surfer movie. The script that I wrote picked up right where FF2 left off. So if they do a Silver Surfer film down the road, it'll have to be its own separate thing."

This quote, however, didn't really help as many people as he had hoped. Some news outlets feared this meant that the idea of a Silver Surfer film was now 100% out of the question. So, he went and sent a statement to IGN on the issue.

"When FF2 didn't do as well as hoped for, that script was set aside, but that has NOTHING to do with the Silver Surfer script that is NOW under development at Fox with other folks. As far as I know, that is proceeding apace. So the hysteria that's gripped the nets about 'ohmygod the Surfer movie is dead!' is not correct, as I was again referring to only that one specific script tied into FF2, NOT what's being done now."

So, there you have it. Only HIS film is dead, not the whole project. Considering only 6 people saw and/or liked the second FF film, it only makes sense to separate this project from that disaster. I would go so far as to say Fox will probably try again with a new cast of characters for the Fantastic Four franchise in the semi-near future as well.


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