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DZ Series Laptops Will Have You Seeing Double

posted Saturday Nov 28, 2009 by Jon Wurm

DZ Series Laptops Will Have You Seeing Double

Apparently, computer manufacturer Kohjinsha had our visually impaired friend B. Cole in mind when they developed their new DZ series of netbooks. With a 10.1 inch screen even people with eagle eyes can feel like Ray Charles drowning in a pool of blurred colors and text. In an effort to solve the problem, Kohjinsha gave this netbook two screens. The imaginative design gives the user the ability to slide out a second screen on the go. Before you get overly excited there is a downside, it's still a netbook. Which means for doing excel spreadsheets or watching movies while surfing the net you will be computing like no other and your friends will be jealous. For those of us who need the extra horse power this laptop isn't for you. Here are the specs:

Two 10.1in. wide screen LCDs (1024x600)

AMD Athlon Neo MV-40, 1.6 Ghz processor

1GB of RAM (4GB max)

160GB sata hard drive

ATI Radeon HD 3200 internal graphics

Wireless LAN


1.3 megapixel webcam

Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit

4.5lbs. with a battery life of approximately 4.5hrs.

This isn't the first dual screen laptop but (this one is) it is the first one to be practical and affordable. It costs around $900 USD or 79,800 Yen in Japan, the only country where this laptop series is currently available starting this December.

I would like to see dual screens trickle upward to the higher end laptops in the near future. It is safe to say they would be expensive and lacking in battery life at first but if you combine it with LED screens and more energy efficient processors it could be acceptable. At the very least it would make editing video at conventions and everywhere else more bearable.

Hit the break to check out the video.


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