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PopSugar's Gift Guide For The Holidays This 2021

posted Friday Dec 17, 2021 by PLUGHITZ Live Staff

PopSugar is known to be a media and technology company, so the public highly anticipated their gift guide for this year's holidays. Now that it's here, let's take a look at it.

From the Loftie Alarm Clock, an Infinity Mirror LED Wireless Speaker, and the Courant Catch:3 Classics Charging Station, to the Amazon Echo Show 10 and Urbanista Los Angeles Headphones; PopSugar had a mix of products.

Keep reading to find a brief review of each of these products. Find out if they're worth your money!

PopSugar's Gift Selection

Are the products listed by PopSugar worth it? Let's see!


Infinity Mirror LED Wireless Speaker

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This is a great option to give; probably no one would say no to having one of these speakers. It has a reflective coating and a color-changing glow that gives a starry effect across your surroundings. It also uses a wireless connection to stream your music. Purchase it here.

Amazon Echo Show 10

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It's a fantastic present for yourself, especially if you're thinking about your home. The screen is larger; you can video call friends and family, making smart home management simpler. It's the ideal kitchen buddy, and it's designed to keep your personal information private. Get yours here.

Not Recommended

Courant Catch: 3 Classics Charging Station

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You can easily get a similar (or better) charging pad for under $50, so this item is not that big of a deal. Learn more here.

Loftie Alarm Clock

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It's just a clock, its appeal is almost zero and, to be honest, you could buy another phone just to check the time for the same price. $149 for an alarm clock is insane. Anything else seems better. See it here. Seriously - anything else.

Urbanista Los Angeles Headphones

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To be honest with you, nowadays, it's not worth spending this kind of money on an unknown brand of headphones. You can get other well-known, quality brands for the same price or less. Learn more about them here. Try Monster or Sony for the same price.

Get The Whole Review At PLUGHITZ LIVE Presents

You can find the whole review of PopSugar's gift guide by tuning in with Scott Ertz and Allante Sparks. PLUGHITZ Live's show, PLUGHITZ Live Presents, brings you the best reviews for this holiday season so you can make smart decisions when you start purchasing your gifts.

With insights and honest thoughts on the products, our hosts won't leave anything out. If you're ever hesitant, check our episode, and we'll clear those doubts in no time! We're ready for this season; are you? Don't wait until too late to start searching for the right gifts for you or your loved ones!



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