POPSUGAR Gift Guide Blind React - Holiday Gift Guides 2021 - Show Notes

POPSUGAR Gift Guide Blind React - Holiday Gift Guides 2021

Friday Nov 12, 2021 (00:07:44)


Here are the products we thought were the most interesting from the Holiday Gift Guide 2021 from POPSUGAR.

These are some items that don't seem like a great deal.


Scott Ertz


Scott is a developer who has worked on projects of varying sizes, including all of the PLUGHITZ Corporation properties. He is also known in the gaming world for his time supporting the rhythm game community, through DDRLover and hosting tournaments throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Currently, when he is not working on software projects or hosting F5 Live: Refreshing Technology, Scott can often be found returning to his high school days working with the Foundation for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), mentoring teams and helping with ROBOTICON Tampa Bay. He has also helped found a student software learning group, the ASCII Warriors, currently housed at AMRoC Fab Lab.

Allante Sparks

Special Correspondent

Allante - also well known as Wolff - is the newest member and co-host for PLuGHiTz Live! Radio. A gifted artist, he is usually found drawing up a character or two or sketching up whatever comes to mind. Do not think that he is not a hardcore gamer because he is about as hardcore as it gets! His favorites range from fighting games to RPGs, adventure and even a racing game here and there. Fighting games are his forte and he relays this message for all who oppose: You mess with the Wolff and you get the fangs!

Xbox Live - Enigmatic Wolff

PSN - Tsukuyomi_Okami

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Scott Ertz (00:00)

All right. Let's see. So we've got one that we, I think you and I both came across, which is from PopSugar.

Allante Sparks (00:13)

Yeah, yeah.

Scott Ertz (00:17)

Screen Share is coming back. Alright. So

Allante Sparks (00:22)

We had the watch, they had six times.

Scott Ertz (00:26)

Yeah, that's also a feature. Alright, so here we have the gift guide from PopSugar. PopSugar apparently really likes their Google ads.

Allante Sparks (00:39)

Because they're all over the place.

Scott Ertz (00:42)

Alright, well, you know, it is what it is. So I'm not aware of this particular alarm clock, but an $150 alarm clock seems insane to me.

Allante Sparks (00:52)

Yep. So Nope. No thanks.

Scott Ertz (00:57)

I mean, honest to God, you've got a phone. Yeah, I'm sorry. Yep.

Allante Sparks (01:01)

I can buy another phone for $150

Scott Ertz (01:03)

Yeah, right. Okay, so I've seen things like this over the years. I think we've all seen things like this over the years. Interesting. It is I assume a Bluetooth speaker. It says wireless speaker usually you see mirror ball or what's the static hand thing? interesting take on it.

Allante Sparks (01:31)

It's like a Tesla thing or no, I can't remember what that's called. Yep.

Scott Ertz (01:37)

I don't know. Yeah, it doesn't matter. But this is an interesting take on the concept. I have to do something called a plasma ball. Thank you. I have to do something real quick because they're gonna drive me nuts. You guys can't see it so it's fine. But I am definitely going to make changes to this website.

Allante Sparks (01:57)

While he does that this thing looks pretty cool. I mean, at least by the image it looks like it looks like a plasma ball with like fireworks blasting off on the inside and saying it's a wireless speaker so I can imagine it's probably got what it's probably got like equalizer like features like moves with the music and stuff like that but I do wonder what kind of wireless it's talking about. I mean if it's not Bluetooth I don't know what else it could be talking about. Well, that's so much better fixed that's so much better. There were ads everywhere.

Scott Ertz (02:41)

Don't mess with me Google. But anyway, if it is Bluetooth which obviously would have to be yeah. Oh, they're more clever than I was giving him credit for. Oh, look at that top one came back yes, sidebars clear. I get rid of all the stuff on the side. Anyway, so yeah. $55 for a Bluetooth speaker. Not bad. Oh, what an interesting comment. Terry just said Hado, that would be a super cool speaker for auto that. Two of them one for each side. That would be really cool for Hado Thanks, Terry. Yeah.

Allante Sparks (03:29)

Stocking stuffers.

Scott Ertz (03:32)

Okay. This is ridiculously expensive.

Allante Sparks (03:35)

I want to see it in action now.

Scott Ertz (03:38)

That yeah, me too. But $175 For this is insane. But the idea of just a general charging platform sure is a great idea. This particular one. Oh my god, I cannot believe what I'm looking at. Yeah,

Allante Sparks (03:52)

Yeah, like you said it's cool. But that's way too pricey.

Scott Ertz (03:58)

Yeah, conceptually it's solid. But that particular one is not what I would go with Amazon Echo Show 10, Sure. Absolutely. It's, it's kind of the de facto smart screen. I think Let's see. Nope, we're not going to talk about a portable sterilizer because that does not sound like what you want.

Allante Sparks (04:31)

No. Sounds horrible.

Scott Ertz (04:37)

I think I think we're officially at a place where when it comes to headphones until somebody establishes a name. It's best to not stray. Yep, that's my current take. You know I'm not recommending all of these but you know people. People like these brands, Sony Bose, Monster, Beats, Apple, you know that your Sennheiser. Your kind of solid brands are the ones to go with until somebody can make a name for themselves-

Allante Sparks (05:21)

Make a breakthrough.

Scott Ertz (05:22)


Allante Sparks (05:24)

I mean, we know I mean, we always, they're always something that we recommend not to go after just because they're too expensive and not high quality enough for their price. Yeah, things like that

Scott Ertz (05:36)

The apple air whatever, pro, whatever. $500

Allante Sparks (05:42)

Nonsense. Yeah, I mean, and this is on the other end. Yeah, right. Where it's where we just don't know.

Scott Ertz (05:52)

No name. To me. It's 200 bucks. That seems unsafe.

Allante Sparks (05:58)

That's a that's a little expensive for someone we've never heard of before

Scott Ertz (06:01)

Until I can try one out. Right. I can try one out and help them make a name. That's something else. But for right now. I think we're officially out of tech into fitness and wellness.

Allante Sparks (06:18)

199 is a lot. I mean, to me, right. Yeah. To me, that's a lot. Like, I mean, perspective is everything. Like 200 bucks isn't a lot to everybody, especially in a realm where headphones can be like 500 bucks for really good headphones. Yeah, for somebody like me. I want something that is Oh, that's what you're saying. Okay, yeah, yeah, it's it's just that's a lot to drop. Yeah, that's a lot to drop on. On taking a chance.

Scott Ertz (06:54)

Yeah, exactly. On a brand that we don't know. You know if it's a $49 pair of headphones. Yep. Okay, we can have a conversation about a no name

Allante Sparks (07:12)

Even 100 bucks. Like that's when you're starting to get into

Scott Ertz (07:17)


Allante Sparks (07:18)

Like, uh, let me read on. Let me see if I can find any review.

Scott Ertz (07:23)


Allante Sparks (07:24)

Yeah, any kind of information on this first before I buy it? That's still gonna be a cautionary but 200 is no. That's a no. I wouldn't spend $200 on one that I know is real good. But that's because that's me.

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