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Netflix to send reports to parents on their kids' watching habits

posted Sunday Jul 18, 2021 by Scott Ertz

Netflix to send reports to parents on their kids' watching habits

Shortly after Netflix introduced profiles, they also introduced Kids' profiles. This concept allowed parents to limit the content that their children had access to. By choosing this profile type, the content is limited to only child-friendly content. However, there is one big problem - it's not really easy to get a report of what your kids actually are watching. Netflix plans to fix this by introducing an email report of viewing habits.

Currently, you can access the viewing history of a kid's profile, but it requires being on the website and accessing account details. With the regular bi-weekly emails, parents will get a direct report of the kind of content that their child is interested in. This can give some insight into their personality that might lay dormant in regular interaction. From this information, parents can make decisions to encourage (or possibly discourage) certain personality traits. For example, if the kid is watching more science or tech-related shows and movies, it might be a call for encouraging those interests through toys, books, and even clothing.

The email also contains suggestions for additional content that is also available on the platform. Obviously, this is using the same general AI technology that the marketing emails you already receive from Netflix uses. I know that the email I receive every week about what new content is launching on the platform shows different content from my brother, whose interests are different from mine. That is exactly what parents can expect in their Kids' profile reports. Plus, the company will be adding free, printable coloring pages - also based on their watching habits.

Another new feature coming to Kids' profiles is Top 10. If you've got a regular Netflix profile, you know that the company introduced this feature a while back. It shows the top 10 content being watched across the user's country. For some, this can be helpful in finding new content, while others are not interested in what's popular. Either way, the feature will be introduced for children as well, so kids can see what their peers in their country are watching. Again, this can introduce kids to new content they may not have heard of before.


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