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Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) is not the Pro you're looking for

posted Sunday Jul 11, 2021 by Scott Ertz

Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) is not the Pro you're looking for

Nintendo has been working on some new Switch hardware for a while, and we finally have a look at one of the devices: The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model). This new SKU is very similar to the existing model while adding some much-appreciated enhancements. Both the handheld itself and the dock have seen changes, and our own Allante is excited to get his hands on one.

The Good

First and foremost is the new, bigger screen. The Switch Lite has a 5.5-inch LCD screen, the original model has a 6.2-inch LCD screen, and the new model sports a 7-inch OLED screen. Obviously, the slightly larger screen is always going to be a welcomed change, and the OLED upgrade is going to be a massive enhancement. The new screen size does not affect the body size, simply taking reducing the edges and taking up more of the body itself.

The kickstand has also seen a pretty significant upgrade. While the existing Switch model has a kickstand, it is small and functionally has two modes: closed and opened. The new kickstand, however, is taller and has a different hinge. It reminded our team immediately of the modern Surface hinge, in that you can successfully set it at any angle and know that it will stay. It also looks to allow you to angle the screen more severely than the current model.

The base storage has also been increased. While the original model came with 32GB of internal memory, the OLED model comes with 64GB. The company also claims that the battery life is unchanged, despite the larger, better screen.

In addition, the dock has been improved. Most notably, the new dock features a built-in Ethernet connection. For anyone who has tried to use the add-on for the existing Switch dock, you'll know that it is inconsistent. Because this will be a big benefit for gamers, Nintendo quickly confirmed that the new dock will be available on its own and is compatible with the first generation Switch as well.

The Bad

The OLED model is nice, but it is NOT the Switch Pro that everyone was hoping for. In fact, other than the screen and storage, this is still a Switch. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it is not the highly anticipated upgrade tat gamers were really hoping to hear about. The processor and RAM are the same, so overall performance should end up being the same as the original.

The Conclusion

If you do not have a Switch already, the new OLED model should be a serious consideration. The price difference is fairly marginal (still coming in under the other consoles) while adding a lot of new and appreciated features. However, if you have a Switch already, there is likely not enough of a change to drive an upgrade unless you just fall in love with the new screen.


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