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GameStop Wants to Sell Fake Stuff

posted Sunday Nov 15, 2009 by Scott Ertz

GameStop Wants to Sell Fake Stuff

In August GameStop announced that they had hired a new executive to be in charge of digital distribution. The industry was confused, as it is difficult for a retailer to sell things not retail. This week, GameStop announced their plans for the digital space - selling DLC in their stores.

Now, how effective could this possibility be? I suppose you could trade in a game in the store and use the full store credit to purchase the DLC through the store instead of losing some of the value trading in the credit for cash. The other possibility is that you could use the store credit to purchase Xbox Live points to purchase the DLC yourself from the comfort of your own couch. If you have a PlayStation 3, I suppose that might work.

Perhaps they will have exclusive DLC, like they have exclusive DLC that comes with pre-orders. Maybe even sell the exclusives they already have, like the baseball bat for L4D2.

Would you purchase DLC not in DLC manner?


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