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Bad Robot to bring three original series to HBO Max streaming service

posted Saturday Apr 18, 2020 by Scott Ertz

Bad Robot to bring three original series to HBO Max streaming service

Last September, WarnerMedia inked a deal with JJ Abrams and his production company Bad Robot to produce a wide variety of content, including TV, movies, and videogames through 2024. The full details of the deal were not revealed, but the beginning of the company's plans have been revealed this week, with three original programs being announced. The shows will be produced by Bad Robot, with Abrams acting as Executive Producer. The three new shows will all be distributed by Warner Bros. International Television Distribution and released under the HBO Max streaming service, which recently announced a partnership with Charter. The three announced shows are DC Justice League Dark, Overlook, and Duster.

The new entry in the DC comics family will be focused on the more mystical side of the Justice League stories. This will include a number of occult-based characters like John Constantine and Zatanna. Beyond this, very little official information is known about the series, as WarnerMedia has been very controlling of the details.

The next series, Overlook, is based on Stephen King's work The Shining. This series will not be Abrams' first foray into the world of Stephen King, as Bad Robot was previously involved in the successful Castle Rock series on Hulu. King's work is a perfect pairing for Abrams' as the projects that made him a household name, like Lost and Cloverfield were in a similar genre.

The final series, Duster, will be a collaboration between Bad Robot and WarnerMedia itself and is setting the 1970s American Southwest. Unlike the other two, this one appears to be an original story and not based on an existing popular franchise.

The HBO Max service is expected to release next month, but these new shows are just entering their early production phase. There is no announced release dates for the shows, but expect them to be published on a staggered schedule.


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