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GameStop changes stance, closes inside of stores amid pressure

posted Saturday Mar 21, 2020 by Scott Ertz

GameStop changes stance, closes inside of stores amid pressure

Companies across the globe have been changing the way they do business during this global viral outbreak. Many have shut down offices, allowing their employees to work from home (unless you're a Comcast employee). Many retailers have shut down entirely, while others have shut their doors to the public, allowing only curbside pickups. Even restaurants, who depend on on-site business, have shut their doors across the world. In this environment, only essential businesses, such as grocery and pharmacy, are still open to the public, and even they are looking for new ways to do business.

And then there's GameStop, the videogame retailer that has seen hard times in the last few years. As retailers have closed their doors, GameStop has taken a different strategy - claiming that they are essential retail. The reason they make this claim is that, in addition to videogames and toys, the company also sells computer accessories and peripherals that people who are working at home for the first time will be needing. The corporate office even sent a letter to store managers to provide to law enforcement in the case they tried to enforce store closures on GameStop locations. At least, in the midst of bad decision making, the company did decide to cancel its midnight events for the launch of Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Fortunately, the national attention brought to the company because of its refusal to close stores has led to a change in policy. After California refused to allow GameStop to keep its doors open after a statewide shutdown, headquarters changed its position, closing all of its stores to the public. The stores will remain open, allowing customers to pick up online and phone orders. This move is finally a smart one, as employee health and safety were being put at risk in order to sell more videogames.


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