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Pokemon GO implements changes to make playing at home possible

posted Friday Mar 13, 2020 by Scott Ertz

Pokemon GO implements changes to make playing at home possible

As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues its global spread, the general wisdom is for limited public gatherings. This has come as a particular challenge for games like Pokemon GO, which are based around the idea of physical interaction. As more people are sequestering themselves at home rather than going out, Niantic has taken steps to temporarily alter the game in order for those who are staying inside to continue to play.

To address the collecting aspect of the game, the company has changed the spawn style. Normally, Pokemon spawn in small numbers and within specific environments. With the most recent update, that changes slightly. They are increasing the spawn rate, as well as increasing the habitats, so you should see a lot more Pokemon spawn in your area.

To enhance this experience, they have also made some changes to incense. First, they have decreased the cost of a 30 pack of incense to only a single coin. Whether you are a normal incense user or not, this is a deal that every player should jump on. The length of incense is also increased from 30 minutes to 60. Both of these changes, combined with the increased habitats, should mean that collecting without moving should be easier than normal.

For those who are willing to venture out, PokeStops have also been given the upgrade treatment. All PokeStops will drop gifts more frequently, making your spins potentially more valuable. However, not all outside events are being encouraged. Niantic has announced that the Abra Community Day has been postponed, though a new date has not been announced.

There is no word on how long these game adjustments will last. This makes sense, as there is no telling how long the recommendation to stay out of public events will last. It is likely that the alterations will last for as long as the event restrictions stay in place.


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