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FIFA pro gamer is "done" after odd rule called into tournament play

posted Sunday Mar 8, 2020 by Scott Ertz

FIFA pro gamer is "done" after odd rule called into tournament play

eSports is growing quickly in popularity, sometimes faster than the industry seems to be able to keep up. The industry has special circumstances that set it apart from more traditional sports. The primary issue is that eSports often requires access to external resources, such as matchmaking servers. Because of this, companies have to put rules into place to deal with the possibility of server failures to prevent gamers from using "connectivity issues" as an excuse to delay gameplay. Unfortunately, those rules can be bizarre and can anger professionals.

One of those pros who is upset because of an odd rule is Shaun "Brandsha56" Galea. During a FIFA 2020 qualification competition, he and his competitor were unable to find one another through EA's matchmaking server. The rules state that, if the competitors are unable to connect and begin a match within a 20-minute window, both players will receive a loss for the match. There is a way to avoid the loss, for one player, and that is where the problem comes in. According to Brandsha56,

I cannot believe it !! @EASPORTSFIFA @EAFIFADirect We literally had to play a rock paper scissors becauce we couldn't find each other to invite in an EA LICENSED QUALIFIER . WTF !!... I am done

So, as it turns out, the process for avoiding a loss is to play Roshambo, also known as rock paper scissors. This would be the equivalent of two NFL teams in a playoff game having to decide the game through a coin toss because the broadcaster can't get one of their cameras to turn on. Leaving something that could directly affect someone's income up to chance because of an issue caused by something outside of their control is nothing short of frustrating.

Whether or not Brandsha56 truly intends to give up on the game is still to be seen, but the anger in the moment of being eliminated from a gaming tournament because of a problem with EA is completely warranted.


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