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Fuser combines DropMix with a music festival in new music game

posted Saturday Feb 29, 2020 by Scott Ertz

Fuser combines DropMix with a music festival in new music game

Harmonix has long been a top name in music and rhythm games. With console titles like Rock Band, and tabletop titles like DropMix, they have continued to innovate in the space. This innovation has come during a time when most thought that the rhythm genre had returned to a small, niche market. But, with DropMix, the company proved that there was still a wider interest in music titles. But, with custom hardware needed and perishable components, the reach of the game was still limited. With the newest title Fuser, they may have found a happy medium.

Rather than requiring a special gameboard and NFC-powered playing cards, Fuser has taken a more traditional rhythm game approach. The game is played on a console or PC using entirely digital assets. Like with its predecessor, the songs are broken into the musical components of keyboard, percussion, guitar, and vocals. Those components can be combined in various ways to create a custom mix.

In addition to Freestyle mode, Fuser also includes proper challenge modes, such as Drop a Beat, and Crowd Requests. These modes seem to be similar to the modes offered by DropMix, but with a music festival theme. If the game is anywhere near as much fun as DropMix, this will be a winner.

The most interesting aspect of the game is that Harmonix truly believes that rhythm games are not dead and are about to see a second life. To prove this theory, they have enlisted the help of yet another company. While DropMix was built in partnership with NXP, Fuser is a partnership with developer NCSOFT. This is following the partnership with Twitch on Twitch Sings, a live-streamed karaoke title.

Our team and the team at DDRLover are certainly excited about the resurgence of rhythm games. What about you? Is this a game you need in your collection?


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