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EA begins technical test of its upcoming game streaming service

posted Saturday Sep 14, 2019 by Scott Ertz

EA begins technical test of its upcoming game streaming service

Cloud gaming is quickly becoming a hot market. Sony bought into the idea several years ago with Gaikai, which later became the basis for PlayStation Now. However, other companies have held off on the idea, as limitations in infrastructure and cost have ended brands like OnLive. The winds seem to be changing, as all of the big players, and a few new ones, are trying their hand at game streaming. Microsoft has Project xCloud, Google has Stadia, and now Electronic Arts is throwing their hat in the ring with Project Atlas.

The company announced an early technical trial of the technology this week, in an attempt to see exactly what it would take to make the platform a success. They emphasized that this is not a platform beta and that users should expect bugs at every turn. They are also expected to complete a survey once they have played their game to help improve the future of the service.

This approach is similar to Google's when they ran their test of Project Stadia. However, while Google tested with only a single title, EA is testing with 4 different titles. This is likely to entice a larger group of testers to join the test, by providing FIFA 19, Need for Speed Rivals, Titanfall 2, and Unravel. With a variety of titles, more people can enjoy themselves, and the company can see how different types of games, with a variety of input types, will work.

Unfortunately, EA has not given any information about exactly how long this test will run, but interested gamers need only sign up to be part of the test. If you decide to participate in the test and already have the game on PC, you can even sync your game to the cloud version to continue where you left off.


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