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Nintendo adds 20 Super NES games to their Switch Online Offering

posted Saturday Sep 7, 2019 by Scott Ertz

Nintendo adds 20 Super NES games to their Switch Online Offering

When Switch Online first launched, Nintendo added free games to the subscription. Knowing their customer base better than any of the gaming companies, they decided to reach into their back catalog and offer games from the original NES console. However, we discovered recently that they planned to make games from other consoles available, particularly the Super NES. During this week's Nintendo Direct presentation, the company announced the first titles that would be coming from the Super NES, and it is quite a collection.

There are not just a few games coming from the second console - there are 20 titles. The list includes popular titles such as Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, and Yoshi's Island. Like the current NES batch of games, Nintendo has added features to the classic games, such as the rewind feature, which allows you to go back in time a few seconds and undo a mistake.

To make the SNES experience even more classic, the company has announced a new controller peripheral: an SNES controller that connects via USB-C. This is in addition to the existing NES controller that is already offered as a companion for the other classic titles. You will need to be a Switch Online subscriber to purchase the controller, though it is not yet available (despite the games already dropping).

It is important to note that this big game drop is different from the way Nintendo has treated NES titles in the past. NES titles have been added to the service in a small drip, with new games being added to the collection every month. With SNES titles, however, don't expect the same behavior. In fact, this game dump could be the only SNES titles we get for a while. The Japanese version of the Nintendo site said that SNES titles will arrive irregularly, in Japan and globally.


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