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Ninja is jumping ship, moving from Twitch to Microsoft's Mixer

posted Friday Aug 2, 2019 by Scott Ertz

Ninja is jumping ship, moving from Twitch to Microsoft's Mixer

Over the past few years, videogame streaming has become big business. The household name is certainly Twitch, and for good reason: it is the brand that brought the idea into the mainstream and currently houses the majority of the big-name streamers. It also has the financial might of Amazon after a $970 million acquisition. Since the acquisition, many have tried and no one has succeeded to take on the market leader, but that is about to change.

Microsoft purchased Beam, a Twitch competitor, in 2016. After renaming the service to Mixer, the company has quietly been making the service better, integrating it directly into Windows 10 and Xbox One and adding additional ways to financially support streamers. However, the company has had some trouble bringing in strong viewership on streams other than their own, including their E3 announcements. Microsoft has really needed a big name to join the Mixer community, and that happened this week.

The closest to a household name for streamers themselves is definitely Ninja. Ninja rose to fame in the early days of Fortnite, solidifying himself as one of the main faces of the game. He has even been hired as a spokesperson for various products in the gaming realm. This week, he announced that he is leaving Twitch and will be moving exclusively to streaming on Microsoft Mixer, effective immediately.

In just 2 days of streaming on the platform, Ninja has over a half million followers and more than 3 million unique views of his streams. If Ninja is not already the top streamer on Mixer, he will be within just a few days at this rate. That will be in part because of huge promotion by Microsoft. On the Xbox One dashboard, there is an advertisement for Ninja on Mixer. Microsoft is also making it free to subscribe to Ninja for the first month, giving you 22 emoticons and more. As Mixer streamers ourselves, for F5 Live: Refreshing Technology, PLuGHiTz Live Presents, and FIRST Looks, it is nice to see Microsoft putting some real weight behind the platform.


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