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In a change of direction, cable network saves a canceled Netflix show

posted Friday Jun 28, 2019 by Scott Ertz

With the rise of streaming video services has come a new way for traditional TV shows to get a second chance at life. Some shows have seen massive popularity through Netflix and Hulu long after their cancelation. The Office is the best example of this, continually representing the top show on Netflix. Others have been resurrected after a network has canceled the series. The Mindy Project was saved from oblivion by Hulu, while Arrested Development was revived by Netflix.

This week, the script was flipped, as Netflix original series One Day at a Time was saved by cable network Pop TV after being canceled by Netflix. This represents a first for the industry, as a series has never been canceled by a streaming service and picked up by a traditional appointment television channel. While at first, this appears to show the resilience of cable television, the reality might be a little different. Pop TV is owned by CBS, who has their own struggling streaming service. By picking up a popular former streaming exclusive series and potentially making it available only on CBS All Access after airing, they could be looking to bolster the subscriber count for their service.

For now, this is all conjecture, however. Neither CBS or Netflix has said what the fate of the original 3 Netflix seasons will be, or the future of season 4. It is possible that the two companies have an agreement to allow the original seasons, and potentially the new seasons as well, to stream on Netflix. The two do have an existing cooperative agreement, with Star Trek Discovery being available on Netflix outside of the United States. However, this would be the ideal scenario for CBS to try to lure some One Day at a Time loyal Netflix subscribers over to the CBS All Access dark side.


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