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ICANN Use International Domain Names UCANT

posted Sunday Nov 1, 2009 by Jon Wurm

ICANN Use International Domain Names UCANT

Hold on to your tongues Latin based language lovers cause you're about to get culture shocked. ICANN, known for being the governing body on rules for net naming has decided to open up domains to other non-Latin based langues thus ending exclusivity to languages most people on earth speak. November 16 this year marks the start for IDNs (International Domain Names)to rise and the first should be live around the end of this year. Another big surprise is the allowance of limitless top level domains which will force companies to register countless more domains in languages they don't speak or understand in order to protect their brand image and make tons of new landing pages. This is good news for companies like GoDaddy and a lot of other people who will now be able to embrace the internet like never before. Which is the whole point of all of this. After the vote concluded in Seoul Korea ICANN released this statement,

This is only the first step, but it is an incredibly big one and an historic move toward the internationalization of the internet," said Rod Beckstrom, ICANN's President and CEO. "The first countries that participate will not only be providing valuable information of the operation of IDNs in the domain name system, they are also going to help to bring the first of billions more people online - people who never use Roman characters in their daily lives.

Hit the break to see the promotional video.


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