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PlayStation eliminates free games for PS3; Xbox, Nintendo expand

posted Saturday Mar 2, 2019 by Scott Ertz

PlayStation eliminates free games for PS3; Xbox, Nintendo expand

If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you may have noticed a change to your free game selection this month. That's because, starting March 2019, Sony will no longer include PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita games in the selection. This is not a surprise, from the perspective that Sony announced a year ago that it was coming. It is a surprise, however, from the perspective that the company's competitors are moving the other way.

Over on the Xbox side of the world, the free games that are made available has recently begun including games from the original Xbox. For example, available right now is Star Wars Republic Commando, a game originally released in 2005. While the free title won't play on the original Xbox itself, it will run on all models of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The only reason it won't run on the original hardware is that the original Xbox Live was shut down in favor of bringing new features for the 360 and One.

On the Nintendo Switch side of things, the recently launched Switch Online service has focused exclusively on classic titles. This service is only available on Switch, meaning that the games cannot be played on the NES, but that is obviously to be expected.

By eliminating the free games on Sony's older consoles, it creates a few new problems for the company. The most obvious is that anyone who is exclusively using the older hardware and has not upgraded to a PlayStation 4, have essentially no motivation to keep the service. This is because there are very few benefits, outside of the free games, on the older hardware. This is going to encourage the company, through financial means, to drop more support for this hardware in the near future. It also means that Sony is essentially bringing about the end-of-life for support of this hardware. Most of the PLuGHiTz Live team regularly uses older gaming hardware, and this abandonment is a disappointment for those who continue to support Sony.


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