Fortnite Live Norwich disappoints everyone, threats of lawsuits follow - The UpStream

Fortnite Live Norwich disappoints everyone, threats of lawsuits follow

posted Saturday Feb 23, 2019 by Scott Ertz

Fortnite Live Norwich disappoints everyone, threats of lawsuits follow

For all of 2018, Fortnite was a force that could not be stopped. Not only gamers but really everyone heard of the game on a regular basis. Whenever something becomes such an iconic part of the culture, it is inevitable that people will try to make a dollar off of the trend. In the case of Fortnite, we saw the normal artwork, clothing, plushies, and collectibles, but this game wasn't quite the same as other trends.

In the UK, a supposed Fortnite-themed real-life event was planned: Fortnite Live Norwich. This convention of sorts promised attractions like archery practice, go-karts, rock climbing, and more. All of the attractions were supposed to be taken from current or previous game elements, allowing kids to experience the things they had played virtually in the real world. Unfortunately, the event did not go as planned.

As if trying to channel the massive failure that was Fyre Festival, Fortnite Live Norwich seemed to not plan for the possibility that people would actually attend. The number of attractions was incredibly limited, and the ones that were there were not designed for a lot of people. For example, the archery station could only accommodate 4 kids at a time. This poor planning meant that the 2,500 attendees, all of whom paid to enter, waited in very long lines and did not get the themed experience they were promised. In fact, the theming was light, to say the least. Staff, which were in very small quantity, were not even in costume.

Some attendees were able to get their money back on the day of the event, but most were either refused or were not willing to stand in another long line to get a refund. In response to the massive failure of an event that was not sponsored or endorsed by Epic Games, the maker of the game, Epic has said they will sue the organizers of the event. Obviously, this event has the potential to damage the reputation of Epic, whether or not they were involved.

Hopefully, in the end, the attendees will all get their money back, and the organizers will be punished to the point where others will not attempt anything like this without planning.


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