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Logitech planning to expand their product line again with Plantronics

posted Saturday Nov 24, 2018 by Scott Ertz

Logitech planning to expand their product line again with Plantronics

It was only a few months ago that popular computer accessory manufacturer Logitech announced the purchase of Blue Microphones. This once beloved brand lost some of its brand loyalty after designed Skipper Wise left the company, but has remained popular among YouTubers and game streamers. When paired with Logitech's keyboards, mice, and webcams, the company now has everything it needs to produce a full streaming package.

According to a report from Reuters, Logitech may be looking to expand its offerings with the purchase of Plantronics. Plantronics is best known for their headsets, including wired, Bluetooth, and even gaming. While Logitech makes gaming headsets, it is not really the proc=ducts that they are best known for. They purchased gaming headset manufacturer Astro to help augment their internal offerings. Adding the expertise of Plantronics, in both microphone quality and in noise cancelation, Logitech is poised to make a big play for the growing streaming market against current leader Razer.

If this report is accurate, the purchase will be the largest ever for Logitech, coming in at $2.2 billion. While that price may sound like a lot, it is actually a bit of a steal. Earlier this year, Plantronics purchased commercial phone and teleconferencing manufacturer Polycom for $2 billion. That means that the indirect price of the Plantronics purchase is only $200 million, just about the price they paid for Blue Microphones ($117 million) and Astro ($85 million) together.

Depending on what their intentions truly are with Plantronics, there is the possibility that there are divisions that will need to be spun off, or made to function independently. While it seems that the majority of their purchases have been to strengthen their gaming and streaming prowess, the purchase of Plantronics brings with it a number of commercial products. In addition to Polycom, Plantronics is still the largest manufacturer of phone headsets for call centers and offices. However, when combined with Logitech's own c920 webcams, there could be a strong play for the office, as well.


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