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Facebook Gets a Facelift

posted Saturday Oct 24, 2009 by Scott Ertz

Facebook Gets a Facelift

This Friday, to the dismay of many users, Facebook launched a tweaked interface without any real announcement or even warning or training. Mid-day, a quick refresh of the homepage landed you with different news results, plus a filter option at the top. I asked for peoples' reactions to the new Facebook, and the reaction was about what I expected:

"it is way too confusing ... the news feed has "popular" feeds while the live feed has everything ... why create such confusion?" - Shaun B.

For more, hit the break.

"WTF.... Why was there no notice or explanation regarding this change. The human race has not evolved into their mind reading abilities yet." - Jessica K.

In addition to not knowing how to use the new site, people have been having MAJOR speed issues. I have been monitoring feeds all day, and everyone seems to be complaining of issues.

Are you having issues with the new Facebook, or have you figured it out? Let us know in the comments.


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