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Facebook Implements Stronger Verification for Large Page Managers

posted Saturday Aug 11, 2018 by Scott Ertz

Facebook Implements Stronger Verification for Large Page Managers

Facebook Page integrity leaves something to be desired. There's never any telling if a Page represents who they say they do, or if they are even related to the topic they claim. It's also possible for pages to merge, bringing an unsuspecting audience to a new type of content. In an effort to bring transparency to Pages, Facebook is implementing some new policies for Pages that have a large following. Facebook explained the decision in a post, saying,

Our goal is to prevent organizations and individuals from creating accounts that mislead people about who they are or what they're doing. These updates are part of our continued efforts to increase authenticity and transparency of Pages on our platform.

Managers of affected pages will be required to implement a two-factor authentication and verify their country of origin. After verification, managers will be able to post to their Pages once again.

Pages will also be adding new information, including showing what Pages have merged. This is especially important for Pages that claim to represent political opinions, as merging Pages can change the focus of the content displayed by a Page you are following. You will also have a list of Page managers and their primary, verified locations. Right now this information is voluntary, but it sounds like it will become mandatory, at least for larger Pages.

Most importantly, you can also get detailed information on ads being run by a Page. Ads have been a major target of query against the company, with Pages running politically-leaning ads from outside of the US. CEO Mark Zuckerberg was summoned to answer questions from Congress over the topic. Ad transparency has been something that all social networks have been working towards ever since, and this is a big step towards understanding what a Page is currently up to.

While the company did not define what constitutes a "large following," it is only a temporary restriction, as the wording makes it sound like these transparency features will be coming to all pages eventually. The company also plans to bring similar policies to Instagram in the coming weeks.


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